CRIMSON for USaR coordination during Earthquake response

urban search and rescue (USaR) On April 20th, DIGINEXT has shown how CRIMSON could contribute to an urban search and rescue (USaR) response by coordinating all the first responders at the Weeze training base.

CRIMSON Common Operational Picture (COP) makes the link between the end users and the entire system by providing a comprehensive map-centric view on the incident site. The rich visualization capabilities of the COP in 2D and 3D allow the end user an intuitive access to the incident situation, which increases the overall situational awareness and aids the decision process of USaR personnel on strategic as well as tactic and operational levels.

The environment services are provided by a dedicated server that integrates free and open source solutions and by dedicated tools on the client side to publish and manage the data. Cartographic data, GIS data, 3D models and point clouds can be served to the Common Operational Picture from this secured OGC-compliant web-service.

CRIMSON was used that support USaR responses. More specifically:
  • Victim detection and localization (robot; radars and sensors for slight motion and vibrations/sounds; gas sensor)
  • Coordination of large-scale response missions (ASR 1,2, 3, 4 platform)
  • Wide-area situational awareness (damage maps of the affected area)
  • Collapse simulation of 3D building models