Crimson is a modular solution, used from the site surveillance to crisis management to best meet your needs

This system creates a virtual room for information sharing that is much better than the open telephone lines that are common today. In the future, a virtual room for coordinating activities will probably be mandatory.

Swedish National Rescue Services

CRIMSON Operational

  • Present in 2D / 3D the tactical situation with the optimal information required for each of the intervention levels
  • Track the unfolding of events and field actors operations
  • Communicate, command and control all participants through voice and multimedia channels
  • Follow the situation through a shared dashboard including log book, key decisions and statistics.

CRIMSON Training

  • Train the commandment chain and the first responders by simulating a crisis situation on the real field or a substitution site
  • Acquire reflex by practising thanks to scenarios or recorded situations
  • Debrief exercises
  • Master CRIMSON operational tool
  • Improve exercises realism and actors involvement thanks to the integration of first responders and field equipment
  • Train on an alternative site when the intervention site is not available
  • Integrate simulated exercises in your real exercises non-intrusively

CRIMSON Mission Planning

  • Assess your operational organisation
  • Design and play as much critical scenarios as required to check procedures
  • Adjust actions, roles and responsibilities for each organisation
  • Screenwrite incidents and events to “plan the unexpected”
  • Anticipate your communication
  • Visualise your mission on a 3D interactive cartography

Crimson Introduction Video