Crimson Platform

For all sectors of activity or events subject to strict safety and security regulations, overall situational awareness is important, yet hampered by  multiple and complex sub-systems. A physical security information and operation management platform makes it possible to agregate these connected systems in a unique and centralised application.

Crimson Platform is an hypervision and operation management solution for integrators. Our expertise and skills transfer allow them to develop and deploy a tailored, turnkey solution in full autonomy. This guarantees optimal efficiency in line with the end user's functional needs.


  • Customisable and extensible HMI
  • Configurable map layers and symbols
  • Configurable user profiles and groups
  • Multi-level extension mechanisms (server/client)
  • Support for standard protocols
  • Interfacing with heterogeneous systems


  • Quick setup and familiarisation process
  • Function segmentation into plugins (à-la-carte service)
  • Open and agnostic architecture
  • Simplified gateway development
  • Scalability and high-availability management

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