Smart security and operation management

Crimson is an innovative and widely adopted European solution for monitoring and protecting public and natural spaces, critical infrastructures, and systems of systems. It provides an effective multi-domain C2/C4ISR platform for the effective and safe management of all kinds of natural and man-made incidents and crises impacting these environments.

Based on the latest advances in digital twin, simulation, and AI technologies, Crimson facilitates situational awareness and information sharing, operational command and decision-making by providing to the command chains and field units a global, synthetic and understandable hypervision of the situation, as well as smart command and support capabilities along with intuitive interaction means with third-party systems (e.g., sensors, effectors, drones, C2s, VMS, BMS, C-UAV systems).

The OODA loop

Born out of military strategy, it consists in:

For all safety stakeholders

  • Safety operator stations or command posts
  • Heads of safety or security, or authorities
  • Field operators or first responders


  • Single, intuitive and ergonomic interface
  • Shared and simplified data management
  • Action logging and tracking
  • Quick configuration and familiarisation
  • Openess and upgradability for trade needs


Innovative technological building blocks

Developed by CS Group

2D-3D mapping engine

  • Integration of GIS data
  • Multi-scale and multi-layer display
  • Geopositioned elements in real time

Graphic editor

  • Configuration of standard procedures
  • No programming
  • Dynamic operator guidance

Proven expertise

The Crimson platform has been successfully deployed in several projects:

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