Why Crimson?

  • Common operational situation shared in real time to facilitate decision making
  • Carto-centric platform (2D and/or 3D) for a complete view of the tactical situation
  • Information is selectively shared between several horizontal and vertical levels
  • 2D and 3D visualization of the common operational picture
  • Connectivity of the different sites and operational entities
  • Visual and interactive tool designed by and for crisis management experts
  • Ability to integrate all existing means of communication used by key players: voice, messaging, mapping, handrail, images, tactical data, etc.

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CRIMSON is a solution allowing security actors to share a common vision of the operational situation, in order to facilitate decision-making, to facilitate the transmission of orders and their execution monitoring.

CRIMSON offers unique functionalities for training crisis managers and field teams for operational management on a daily basis as well as in times of crisis.

This system creates a virtual room for information sharing that is much better than the open telephone lines that are common today. In the future, a virtual room for coordinating activities will probably be mandatory.

Swedish National Rescue Services
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