Come and find out at the European Forum on Risk Governance and Societal Resilience organised by the Community for European Research and Innovation for Security (CERIS). This event is taking place on 16-17 May at the Espaces Vanel in Toulouse.
This is the opportunity to take a glimpse at upcoming innovations, gain an insight into Crimson-based developments, and also to meet the team and, perhaps, engage in new, successful collaborations... 
This event will allow us to demonstrate  the outcome of several European R&D projects we have been partaking in, such as:

- INTREPID (2020-23):
INtelligent Toolkit for Reconnaissance and assessmEnt in Perilous InciDents

This project has revolved around securing rescue operations and ensuring the safety of prime responders through real-time situational awareness and operations management via Crimson.

- APPRAISE (2021-23): fAcilitating Public and Private SecuRity operAtors to mitigate TerrorIsm Scenarios against soft targEts

This project was designed to predict and prevent terrorist acts using Crimson as a Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) system, therewith monitoring physical sensors continuously and effectively, thus improving strategies for the protection of soft targets.

- RESCUER (2021-24) : first RESponder-Centered support toolkit for operating in adverse and infrastrUcture-less EnviRonments

This project aims at better protection for emergency responders using an holographic COP, an AR-rendering of Crimson's Common Operational Picture.


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