Taking into account the requirements collected from our civil protection, law enforcement, and defnse customers, and in consultation with Entente Valabre, Crimson V7 offers numerous functional improvements including an improved user interface, to make it even more intuitive, and technical improvements to ensure a level of service compatible with use by an ever-increasing number of organisations.

So, what's new?

  • The most visible change is the revamped User Interface including a new dark theme to the existing light theme:
  Crimson v7 interface sombre
In addition to the additions of themes, the interface has been redesigned to harmonise the colours and make it easier to access the tool's various windows via a new navigation bar on the left.
  • Improvements in server performance when used with a large number of users (> 50) and a large number of simultaneous data feeds, to enable better scaling in the event of a peak load.
  • An enhanced Operational Command Management (OCM) tools :
  • OCT: compliance with standards, frequency plan, sector categorisation ;
  Crimson v7 OCT
  • Resource management: filtering by resource and type, actions when resources are disengaged ;
  • Incident management: definition of an incident using a surface (e.g. GAAR), automatic naming, etc. ;  Crimson v7 incident (surface)
    Crimson v7 incident (surface/nom)
  • Initial order or SAOIECL: horizontal display, in columns, message colouring ;   Crimson v7 ordre initial
  • Overview and Dashboards: more precise export, integration of the OCT, selection of headings to be included (main courante, summary of resources, table of victims, OCT, etc.)..  
  • Crimson v7 synthèse
    • A fully revamped Crimson mobile application: the addition of coloured dots for free feedback, the ability to send an audio message from the incident file and the possibility of retrieving PDF documents relating to an incident.;
    Crimson v7 mobile
    Crimson v7 mobile (ordre intial)
    Crimson v7 mobile (OCT)
    • The introduction of a brand-new "Crimson Web" light-weight client, enabling the Crimson session to be viewed on an interactive web page: a GOC-oriented view, displaying the cartography, the initial order, the report and the OCT, and a consultation of the SITAC and the data, without any input being possible.
    Crimson v7 Web (ordre initial)
    Crimson v7 Web (OCT)
    • Simplified deployment and updating of Crimson: the use of a silent installer for automated deployment on different workstations and the implementation of an automatic update system. 

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