We are very proud to announce the deployment of CRIMSON, the award-winning flagship multidomain Command & Control System, in Austria, Italy, Greece, Spain, and Turkey, from January 2024, for advanced Crisis Management and Triage of victims of mass casualties incidents .

This deployment takes place in the final phase of the @iProcureSecurity PCP project that received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme. The iProcureSecurity PCP groupment of Buyers has selected the i-TRIER European consortium to develop and validate a complete platform integrating Crimson with a highly flexible and innovative #Triage solution, a victims’ Transportation Optimization system and Interoperability capabilities with citizen and hospital Health Records to enhance the effectiveness of Mass Casualty Incident management.

i-TRIER is a flexible, modular, open, interoperable yet strongly integrated Triage Management solution that aims to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and Civil Protection agencies in decision making, management and response to major emergencies related to natural disasters or man-made incidents, meeting the requirements of iProcureSecurity PCP.

The i-TRIER consortium brings together a team of Market-Leading Industrial Partners (CS GROUP-France, BETA80-Italy, ERC-Turkey) with a strong record in integrating their solutions in the operational systems of Civil Protection Agencies, Ambulance Dispatch Centers and Hospitals, a well-established in the Personal Health Data management domain and innovative SME (Gnomon-Greece) as well as two renowned research institutes (ICCS-Greece, and UPO-CRIMEDIM-Italy) with a unique signature in leading research in the Technologies for First Responders and in the Disaster Medicine domains.

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