SIDS 29 Last February, a partnership agreement was signed between the Valabre Agreement, Pole New Technologies and Risk Management (PONT) and SDIS 29. The objective of the agreement is to define a framework for close collaboration between the signatory parties for the use and development of a new crisis management support software (CRIMSON), within the project named ANANKE. The ANANKE project was born from the primordial need to control the management of a crisis and ensure the maintenance of security to be effective through the use of decision support tools. Very sensitive to the risks encountered on its territory, and in particular the flood risk, Quimperlé assumed the role of pilot city to test and develop the software resulting from the ANANKE project, thus contributing to its optimization. Today, software development is carried out by the company DIGINEXT. The CRIMSON software is a real tool to help piloting and to share the crisis situation, it is designed to be used within the Advanced Command Posts (ACP) of the fire brigades or the Communal Command Posts (CCP).

It must allow:

  • Sharing information related to the crisis situation,
  • Real-time visualization of field feedback information
  • Information and interaction of actors and managers via mobile interface
  • The coordination of human and material means,
  • The management of accommodation capacities and private resources,
  • Optimized information processing,
  • The processing of graphic and statistical tools,
  • Le feedback d'expérience.
The solution is designed to eventually integrate:
  • Monitoring social networks,
  • Population alert management,
  • Integration of multiple information sources (drone flux, surveillance camera flux...)

Following the example of Quimperlé, it is desirable that the communes presenting risks on their territory can acquire such a crisis management tool.

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